F.A.Q's & GDPR

Digital is wonderful when it works, but frustrating when it doesn’t. However in a medical emergency this can quickly prove catastrophic.

In this situation accessing digital information is too time consuming. In addition its unpredictable nature makes it unreliable in this setting. A small card with all the immediate details needed for medical personnel is the quickest way of knowing the information we need right then.

Once you have ordered your card, an email is sent to us to print the card, and one to yourselves as verification. No information offered on this site is EVER given to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME. There is nothing to opt out of and no boxes to tick to ask whether you are happy or unhappy for your data to be shared; it just won’t be. Ever.

We are using Paypal as a payment gateway. If you prefer a different method of payment, please email us to make arrangements. Whatever you prefer, we will endeavour to accommodate it.

We do not receive any payment data at all. We only use third party payment gateways which verify your security, and ours.

If you have any hesitations or queries (including what should be put on the card) please contact us; you will always be guided by a qualified medical doctor. Our staff are friendly. (Although every organisation says this, we really are). We work for one purpose alone: the health and wellbeing of you and loved ones In Case of Emergency: ICEⒸ

The card that saves lives